Meet Your Coach

Hi, I am Melinda.  I am a chiropractor and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, a graduate of Functional Medicine University and a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College. In addition I have a BA in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.

I created Sauvage Wellness Solutions in 2020, providing services as a Functional Medicine Provider and Health Coach in Kalispell, MT. I work primarily with adults, teaching the principles of clean eating and self-care for increased health, happiness and productivity. I love supporting adults with behavior change, clean eating and thought change, one small step at a time. I also specialize in working with clients dealing with thyroid issues.

While eating healthy is important, optimum health isn’t just about food. From my own experience, creating a healthier mind and body begins by creating a happier and more relaxed life. This includes relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. Being healthy isn’t about being a size two or running a marathon. It is about how good you feel, and making a “healthy” way of life and not a temporary diet.

Many years ago, when I was in 5th grade I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I can remember having a huge goiter, always hungry, racing heart and not being able to even ride my bike or play outside at recess because they were afraid my heart would beat too fast. Fastforward, 20 years I gave birth to my only child and after that gained 40 lbs almost overnight, depression/anxiety set in and my hair was falling out in clumps in the shower. It took over a year to be finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and in the meantime I was misdiagnosed with mental health disorders. Since then I have acquired Celiac’s Disease and Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Then about five years ago, I was introduced to a functional medicine provider that guided me into a healthier lifestyle. I began changing the way I ate and the way I thought. I lost weight and began to have more energy. I learned to cook healthier, exercise more and was more conscious of what I was putting into my body. I learned to say “no” to things and put some of my own needs first.

All of this change was great and then in 2020, I moved several states away and my support system was not available to me any more and I could not find this type of health support around here. It led me to want to provide that support to others, so I took a big leap of faith and enrolled in Functional Medicine University. I completed the year long program and launched Sauvage Wellness Solutions.

My learning continues, so that I can help you implement the most effective food and lifestyle changes into your daily routine. Not every method works for everyone. We are all different. I will lead you in taking the steps that best support your individual health and happiness. Together we will make the change!


Click here to contact me or reach out to me at (406) 219-7892 or [email protected]  I look forward to meeting you!